HollyWooz Stylists Needed

It's time for a HollyWooz celebrity comeback, Woozens.

Lara LeChic and Derick Dun are both looking for a new stylist to go above and beyond to help them launch their comebacks.

WMZ (which hasn't been relevant since the BIG feud between Camilla Cooper and Zoey Zellers) has reported that Lara fired her stylist after a disagreement. Lara (allegedly) REFUSES to wear green and the stylist... well... let's just remember that, when it comes to earrings, they should NOT be green.

Derick (as you may know) was a casualty in the famous Camilla Cooper and Zoey Zellers feud of 2018. The 3 of them really disappeared from the public eye when the drama unfolded. Derick is now at a point where his comeback is ready. He has a movie coming up and his style will be the talk of HollyWooz.

This is where you come in..... For the contests! There will be TWO contests, but they won't be the same ol' same ol' contest you're used to. You will submit your style and when the voting period comes, you will vote as to which style is best for Lara or Derick. The top 20 looks chosen by YOU, will then be submitted to Lara and Derick, who will choose the ULTIMATE winner. The top 20 looks will still receive an achievement and title for the participation.

Below are rules for the contests:

- To enter, you will need to have Lara or Derick's face (available in ShopZ)

- You can only submit one style, so make it count!

- You must submit your Selfie between November 8th to November 17th

- The voting for the top 20 will take place beween November 18 to November 21

- On Friday November 25, Lara and Derick will post their winning style and pay the stylist 3,000W for their work

Get styling Woozens!

Woozworld Staff