HollyWooz Dream Designers

The contest might be over, but it's just the beginning for these two stars!

We asked you to create the most breathtaking and impressive mansion possible for our dear Eddie Egot. And you guys did not disappoint! It was hard to pick, but there could only be one great winner!

First up, put your hands together for our Runner-ups!

Sasayuri's Unitz

Strathos's Unitz

-kitara's Unitz

h4rtful's Unitz

Hua's Unitz

isl4nder's Unitz

X-Katelyn's Unitz

omighty's Unitz

Lovexoxome's Unitz

pressconference's Unitz

And finally...

Congratulations penelapi!!! Eddie could not believe his eyes as soon as he walked into your Unitz. The decor, the ambiance, the ENERGY! Everything about this place screamed his name, and he could not wait to move in!

Around the same time, another Hollywooz celebrity was on the market for a new place to call her home... But Becky is there for business!

We asked you to design her new Studio. One where she could film her latest vlogs and create the next viral Wooztube vid! Once again, the talent and creativity blew us away, but Becky could only pick one!

Let's begin with those impressive Runner-ups!

Descants's Unitz

GAPAL's Unitz


-Shinitsu-'s Unitz

-mayfair's Unitz

hazelmay's Unitz

Strathos's Unitz

Cupcake37's Unitz

rockboy44's Unitz

aavii's Unitz

And our great winner...

Congratulations Sirenxvl!!! As soon as she saw your Unitz it was like inspiration took over! She cannot thank you enough for the beautiful place, and hope the prize will be a good enough compensation!

Thanks to every Woozen for participating,

Take care!