Holiday Wrap: Get Those Gifts

As you know, SantaWooz's workshop has come to a standstill as many elves have been gripped with the Elvian Flu. Of course, with your help, many elves have been cured and are happily returning to work.

That being said... They are still woefully behind during their busiest time of year!

One area in which they're especially behind? Gift-wrapping.

As you can imagine, this is the last step in the workshop before the gifts are loaded in the SantaWooz's sleigh. It may be the last step, but it's an important one! As the unwrapped gifts are beginning to pile up, healthy elves are getting nervous.

And they want to know...

Will you help them?

Starting on December 24 at around 12PM WT, you'll be seeing some unwrapped gifts appearing around Woozworld Unitz. It's up to you and your friends to strike the right PoseZ to get them wrapped and ready for delivery!

If all of you work together and wrap all the gifts, you'll receive a Wooz-y prize come January 1! You'll also be able to follow your progress by checking out your Achievements. The contest will end on December 31.

So, collect your best scissors, tape, ribbon and paper and get out there and save Woozmas (again)!