Hello MysticWorld!


We hope you enjoyed our little April fools joke of MysticWorld. So to clear the air, no, Woozworld isn't going anywhere. MysticWorld is not a real thing. Mystéllic is not becoming an official language. There is no Mystéllic-English dictionary coming. However... we do have some exciting things happening in April. Stay tuned ;)


Magical Woozens,

We have some VERY exciting news to share with you!

For months, we have been working on a top-secret project and we are FINALLY able to unveil it to you today. It's called... MysticWorld! It's a brand-new world where you get to be your magical self and live out your most mystical fantasies. MysticWorld started as an expansion of Mystic Alley, but then we couldn't stop ourselves! There are magical new villages, forests, caves, lakes and more waiting to be discovered by you.

And we haven't gotten to the best part! There's even a new language! That's right; in MysticWorld, we won't be speaking boring old English. We'll be speaking an all-new language, created just for this majestic new world. It's called Mystéllic and we've worked very hard to create a comprehensive vocabulary. In fact, we've worked so hard on the language that the FIRST-EVER Mystéllic-English dictionary will be coming out later this month. Here's a little preview of the language:

Sôljor! Çevva béém?

(Translation: "Hi! How's it going?")

Isn't it great?

All you need to write in our new language is a French-Canadian keyboard. Simple AND convenient!

Once MysticWorld replaces Woozworld, Mystéllic will be the only language spoken. Any other language being attempted will be immediately filtered and blocked.

Nùs soem trûs anmïdà d yû veere ii MysticWorld!

(Translation: We are very excited to see you in MysticWorld!)

Sû mystttò Wooband

(Translation: Your mystical Woozband)

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