Grow your Garden

Green Woozens,

It's your green thumb friend, Basil! I've come up with amazing news and a challenge for all of you.

Let's start with these beautiful new seeds. 8 different types for you to plant in your garden, and each of them with lots of variant colors and styles so you can show your personality!

The new seeds are going to be available in the ShopZ for Beex, but you also have a small chance of getting new seeds (even rare ones) every time you harvest them.

Talking about harvesting and repotting, I started a Community Challenge to incentive all Woozens to start their gardens and greenhouses! Every time harvest gets all Woozens one step closer to an Achievement, Title and an unic Trophy! So start repotting right now!

Remember that harvesting works a bit differently with plants vs other seeds. When you harvest a plant, you will be able to re-pot it one time. Only use water when you re-pot, do NOT use fertilizer. If you choose to harvest your repotted plant, there's a chance you may receive a seed (or even a rare seed of that plant), once harvested the plant will disappear.

And did I mention the UnitZ contest? Yes! We'll have a UnitZ Contest starting today at 4 p.m. W.T. for you to show off your Greenhouse and maybe win a Title for it! Let's see who has the best garden in Woozworld!

Now I have to go harvest some amazing monstera seeds that are waiting for me, wish me luck because the weather forecast is for meteor showers all weekend. Enjoy your planting, Woozens.