Group Selfie: Royalty - Results

Attention, distinguished Woozens!

At an unforgettable contest, we recently enjoyed a stunning display of beauty, manners, and nobility.

It was tough to choose the winning groups, but as promised, here are this year's contest winners.

We have to admit we were surprised by the popularity of the Cortoza Nation and Mystic Alley!

CremeBrulee, cursedweb, Bumpkin, Akutagawa, and chaos.

All from Cortoza!

WoIlyWo, Digress, itsdeadigothcked, and EstreLia.

From Mystic Alley!

omighty, aimen, bunso, hatara, and sylvest.

From Lib Street!

x3-Fashion-x3, Chun-Li, Deafen, Mileen, and Supermodei.

From Mystic Alley

Hydroxyl, ZiaMaki, YorForger, and Cyyyy.

From Cortoza!

Gelica, and reinella.

From Hollywooz.


You'll all receive 2000 Wooz each and a very special title!