Introducing... Group Chat!

You've wanted it for a long time... And it's finally here!

We're so excited to introduce our improved chat system, which now allows... GROUP CHAT! There's also some another major improvement: private and group chat messages are now stored for a short amount of time. This means you'll be able to receive messages even while you're offline and be able to read messages received in the past! Please see more details about this below.

Read on to learn how to use all the cool new features in our improved chat system!

Creating A New Group Chat & Adding Friends

To start a new group chat, open the private chat window, click "Create" at the top and then choose "Group Chat"

On the next screen, you can select up to 10 friends to add to the group (you can only add people who you're friends with) and then click "Create" in the bottom right corner:

Everyone will be automatically added, so your group is now created and you'll be able to start chattin'!

Can I Add More Friends Once The Group Is Created?

Yes! Open your Friends list and drag & drop them to the Group Chat:

As soon as you invite them, they'll be able to join the conversation:

Please note that only the owner of the Group Chat (the user who created it) can add more friends.

Managing Your Group

Once your group is created, you have access to a few options to manage it:

  • Set a title to your Group Chat so you can easily find it later
  • Remove friends from the group chat

These options are available by clicking on the "Group Chat Options" button in the bottom-right corner (represented by the "..." button) :

At any point you can decide to Leave the group, by using the button in the options. If you leave a group, you won't be able to write or see the messages history anymore, unless the owner invites you back in.

If you're the owner of a Group Chat you created and you leave it, the first user that you invited to it will become the new owner automatically.

Past messages storage

Another major change you'll find is the short-term storage of your messages. Previously, you could only access Private Chat messages that were received during your current session. This also meant that you couldn't receive messages while you were offline.

This is all changing starting today! We will now store all the private chat you receive, whether they're part of a Group Chat or not. That means you'll be able to follow conversations when you come back, if you weren't online when they happened.

You'll be able to read past messages in a chat:

  • Until they're 2 weeks old (they get deleted after that)
  • Or until there's more than 200 messages in the chat (you can only access the most 200 recent ones)

Now... It's time to get out there and start chatting!

Enjoy :)