Groundhog Day 2024

Woozens !

In the new year, we're still keeping the same good traditions, the first of which is Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day is a tradition that has been celebrated mainly in North America since the 18th century. The origins of this tradition can be traced back to European folklore where the animal that was watched and waited for varied from country to country. In some places, it was a bear, while in others it was a wolf or a hedgehog. It is difficult to imagine waiting in front of a bear's den to take its picture!

Great belief, symbolism, foresight?

The big question we ask ourselves every February 2nd is: Are we in for a long winter or an early summer?

It's easy to determine the weather forecast for the next six weeks. If a groundhog comes out of its burrow on this day and sees its shadow, it will go back inside and winter will continue for six more weeks. However, if the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, spring will come early.

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