Greenifying Woozworld

Green Woozens,

We know you love your plants, truly like a BestiZ. For this, we have worked with Basil (our resident gardener) to ensure you can get more plants in your spaces.

First thing to know, we have launched some new greenhouse furniture in ShopZ. You can use these to create your greenhouse, or you can get a bundle that gives you everything you need.

Something else you will find available is a dracaena plant seed and new planters. With plant seeds, you can grow a plant. We recommend using Magic Fertilizer for the fastest growth.

Once your plant is grown, you have the option to harvest. Harvesting works a bit differently with plants vs other seeds. When you harvest a plant, you will be able to re-pot it one time.

We recommend just using water when you re-pot. If you choose to harvest your repotted plant, there's a chance you may receive a seed (or even a rare seed of that plant).

So get out there Woozens and take care of your plant BestiZ!

Enjoy planting!

Woozworld Staff

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