Got some WNS questions?

Superstar Woozens,

Woozmas Next Superstar is already here, and many of you sent some questions. So we are here to spread the Woozmas cheers… and add some clarification, of course!

This year's contest is to REWRITE a Wooz version of a Christmas song. You DO NOT have to sing it, but this can make a difference for our judges to choose the winer, so give us your best! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, to be as clear as possible on all the details concerning this new edition of WNS!

Question: What do you mean by "woozify a song"?

Answer: Give it some Woozworld flair, changing the lyrics and replacing some words. For example, instead of "All I want for Christmas is You" you can do "All I want for Woozmas is Wooz"

Question: Do I need to woozify the whole song?

Answer: It depends on the length of the lyrics. If it is a short one, do it all, but if it is a long one, do at least two verses and the chorus… but we do enjoy having a full song to sing along to!

Question: Do we need to do a video/sing to participate in the WNS?

Answer: NO. The video where you sing is a bonus. However, it is always more fun and highly appreciated. It will count in case of a tie between a song with just the lyrics and one with a video, even a very simple one.

Question: If I make a video, can I do edits and special effects on it?

Answer: Yes, of course! But don't forget to follow the Woozworld Code of Conduct.

Question: Can I sing, but not do a video?

Answer: Yes. You can create a video with only a static image and you singing on the background.

Question: Can someone else sing my song?

Answer: No, my dear popstar. We're not looking for the next Celine Dion (we think of you Celine, we miss you). No need to bring your cousin who did the castings for the Voice

Question: Can we participate in group?

Answer: Not this time. We are looking for individual superstars this year! However, your friends can help you out, on the video, but only one will receive the reward and fame!

Question: Can my friend help me in the video or can I use other accounts?

Answer: Yes, help is welcome, especially to participate as supporting roles in a video. But remember, only one reward will be given to the woozen who sent the video.

Question: What if we "help each other and send the same video from multiple accounts"?

Answer: This will be considered "working in group" which is against the rules.

Question: Where do I post my lyrics or video?

Answer: Post the video on Youtube and send us the link in the contest pod. Same for the lyrics, just paste them there.

We hope all your questions have being answered for now. Once again, here are the rules of the contest, read them carefully to make sure your entry is not disqualified:

- Choose an Xmas song and Woozify the lyrics. You'll have to choose a real-life song and then change the lyrics to be about Woozworld. Make it jolly, funny, inspiring, whatever you want. Your lyrics are up to you; they just have to be about Woozworld. This contest is individual and you can NOT work in groups.

-.You can record yourself singing and create a video to go along with it, but this is not mandatory. However, your video MUST NOT contain any real-life imagery. If it does, you will be immediately disqualified.

- Upload your video to YouTube and submit the link to your video in the contest pod. Your video should only be uploaded once.

- Your video must be less than 3 minutes long.

- You can only submit one song, but it can be accompanied by a video clip with an audio sung by you!

- You must be 13 years or older to participate in this contest.

- You must submit your Song before December 20th at 11:59 PM WT

Time to get musical, woozens!

Woozworld Staff