Goodbye Flash, Hello Woozworld Desktop

You've been asking and asking: "What's going to happen when support for Flash ends in July 2019?"

It's a long discussion the Woozworld team has been having and we now have a solution.

We will be introducing Woozworld Desktop, a downloadable application for Windows PCs and Macs. You will get to experience Woozworld just like you do in a browser, but as a standalone application without the need of Flash.

Over the next few months, Woozworld Desktop will be in beta. This means we are still testing Woozworld Desktop to make sure you experience the same (or better) Woozworld as usual. We will be inviting Woozens to download the application and report any bugs or issues they may run into while using Woozworld Desktop.

If you are selected to try Woozworld Desktop, you will see a button in Woozworld that will take you to the download page. As we get more feedback and work out some bugs, we will extend the invitation out to more and more Woozens.

So hang tight, Woozens! Woozworld isn't going anywhere. We'll all say goodbye to Flash and helllllllllllo Woozworld Desktop!

Your Beta-testing Woozband

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