Go for Gold!

Golden Woozens,

Have you made your way through the new path of the Mine?! If you haven't yet, Mr. O'Neil can't wait to show you around! Check your Quest Journal and make your way through the new path!

If you're one of the adventurous Woozens that's already explored the brand new path, welcome!

While on your exploration for Gold, you may have come across some brand new recipes for some of your faaaaaave Gold items! From wings to BlockZ to crowns, the new recipes contain one thing: Gold, gold, gold!

Not only are you be able to Craft all sorts of Gold items, you ALSO have the chance to show off your collecting skills by reaching the TOP of the Leaderboard! Every day, we'll crown a new winner with a Gold Mannequin and an Achievement + Title! If you don't win the top spot, don't worry! Everyone that comes in 2nd - 20th place will also receive an Achievement of their own!

There are plenty of ways to help you boost your chances of reaching the top of the board! You can get your hands on your very own Gold Detector Wand which will increase your chance of receiving more GOLD! There are two types of Gold Detector Wands, The Basic and The Advanced. The Basic Gold Detector Wand can be crafted and it gives you a 10% chance of finding a second Gold Ore, while The Advanced, which can be found in ShopZ, gives you a 20% chance of finding a second Gold Ore! Those sound like great odds ;)

Not only that, if you manage to find the Hidden Chests in the Mine, you can also open them up and you miiiight win some FREE Gold Resources!

If you REALLY wanna boost your chances of making it to the top of the leaderboard, you maaaay wanna consider becoming a VIP! Our VIP Woozens will have a higher chance of collecting Gold Ores and Gold Ingots in the Mine AND in the Hidden Chests!

The leaderboard will reset daily at 11:59 PM WT. The final reset ends on May 25.

Head to the new path in the Mine and start collecting some au-some gold!

Stay golden!

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