Glitz & GlammyZ

Music-loving Woozens,

Make way for the glitz & glam! Music's biggest night is happening on Sunday...yes, this Sunday!

This year, we're celebrating The GlammyZ in style! Check out the GlammyZ Clothing category in ShopZ and get ready carpet ready.

But that's not all....We've got a ton of GlammyZ activities to get you ready for the big show! Check out the details below.

Friday, March 12

Now, we all know who you waaaaaaaant to win Record of the Year.......But we wanna know who you think will win! Check out the GlammyZ Poll and let us know who you think is going to be walking home with the golden award. If you guessed correctly, you might win some sweet, sweet Wooz!

Saturday, March 13

Think you know everything there is to know about the GlammyZ? Put your knowledge to the test at the GlammyZ Quiz

Sunday, March 14

Strut your stuff on the red carpet with the GlammyZ Selfie Contest

So, grab some popcorn and your fanciest fit and get ready for some GlammyZ fun!

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