Get Your Woozmas Wings

Woozmas is here and to celebrate we're giving away some exclusive Woozmas items!

Starting today (December 24th) until January 5th at 9AM WT, for every 10,000 Wooz you receive from the Woozworld Store, you will get a Woozmas Wings.

We are limiting the amount of Woozmas Wings to a maximum of 9 per Woozen. The 10th one will be a gold version and is limited to 1 per Woozen. The items will be transferable by January 5th at 5PM WT. Woozmas Wings will have an exclusive PoseZ that you can use while you wear it.

To follow your progress on receiving the gifts, you can see your achievements.

We hope you enjoy the gifts!

Merry Woozmas!

iCaramba, Plush & YadaYada