Get Your Flower Power On!

Flourishing Woozens,

How's the weather? Spring-like? No? That's what we thought...

Though the calendars might be telling us it's spring, it hasn't quiiiite been feeling that way around Woozworld. Sure, the snow is gone and the new Mystic Alley sure brightened things up, but spring hasn't really sprung.

Until now.

The Flower Power Woozworld needs is on its way!

Throughout the week, you will be introduced to Basil, our resident gardener/botanist and Honey, our beekeeper. They will have some special tasks for you to complete.

You might also stumble upon...


The magic of Flower Power has brought little FloretZ out of the woodwork and they will be appearing around Woozworld. If you collect enough of each, you'll even receive your own! FloretZ will be appearing in Woozworld until May 31.

Flower Power UnikZ

Your Woozen will blossom with these flower heads. The Blue Luminescent Lotus Head will be available in ShopZ until May 29. On the weekends, you may see some extra UnikZ in ShopZ in limited quantities. You don't want to miss these ;)

Fireball Flower

A special Fireball Flower has been discovered by our resident botanist, Basil. While you're holding this special flower, you will be able to SHOOT FIREBALLS in the Unitz. Be careful though... You don't want to burn others (right?!). Find out soon how you can get your very own!

So, what are YOU most excited for?

Let us know in the comments!

Yours Florally,

The Woozband