Get Wild with Cratebonanza

Howdy VIP Woozens,

We still don't know much about this "Woozo" character, but with all of these crates being left around, we figured it would be a great time to introduce CRATEBONANZA.

It's simple to participate in Cratebonanza: all you have to do is open crates (and be VIP of course). For every crate you open, you will get a point, which will be tallied on the Cratebonanza leaderboard.

The top 20 Woozens will all receive an achievement, title and Wooz. 20 other Woozens selected at random will also receive the achievement, title and Wooz.

You may also notice when Woozo is around, gold crates may appear. These crates contain a guaranteed rare/epic item.

Now head to that old town road and open some crates! You only have until Thursday June 25 with winners being announced on Monday June 29.

And remember: with crate power comes crate responsibility.

Sorry, not sorry,

iCaramba, Plush & YadaYada