Get To Know Your Easter Animals!

Dearest Woozens,

By now, you've probably heard that the Easter Bunny is still hibernating (and can we really blame him after the winter we've had?). There's nothing to worry about, though, as some other Easter animals have stepped up to the challenge. It's up to you to choose which one you'd like to see representing Easter this year! So, without further ado, meet the candidates:

First, there's the super adorable Easter Lamb. She might be cute, soft and cuddly, but this little lamb's got a temper, so try not to get on her bad side. She'll be leaving soft balls of Easter Yarn around Woozworld. If you choose her today, April 18, you'll have to collect as many of those Easter Yarns as you can!

Next, there's the fluffy, little Easter Chick. He's got a peep that will melt your heart and a work ethic that will blow your mind. Who knew so much energy could come out of one little bird? The Easter Chick will be leaving carefully crafted Easter Boxes around Woozworld. If you choose him today, April 18, you'd better start collecting those Easter Boxes quickly!

Finally… There's the Easter Goat. He is very loud. He eats a lot of stuff (possibly radioactive waste? The jury's still out.) Also, he miiiight be a mutant, but that's beside the point. The Easter Goat will be leaving some fragrant Easter Poops (at least they're biodegradable?) around Woozworld. If you choose the Mutant- I mean, the Easter Goat today, April 18, you'll need to start scooping all the Easter Poops you can!

There will be a leaderboard for each team (you'll only see your team's leaderboard), which will reset each day at 12PM WT. The top collector each day will receive 3,000 Wooz + an exclusive Easter Mannequin. Those from 2nd place to 11th place on the leaderboard will receive 500 Wooz.

So, who do you think you'll choose?

We can't wait to see!

Your Easter-loving Woozband