Get The Mystic Alley Looks & Furniture

Mystical Woozens,

News has travelled far across the land that two brand-new boutiques are opening today. Mystik & Co., a clothing boutique owned by Feniddly, and Sphere 1 Imports, a furniture boutique owned by Barnaby, are ready for business.

The two boutiques are accessible from Mysteria Vales (and also the map) and the items will be accessible ONLY from the boutiques themselves. The owners have limited quantities of items, ranging from trees and crowns to armor and gowns. Once an item is sold out, you will need to wait for the shop owners to restock the items.

They have a vast collection of clothing and furniture that they will refresh daily. An item might not be available today, but could be available tomorrow.

Check out the two boutiques and get your Mystic on!

Your Woozband

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