Get Rich with Treasure Thursday

Are you low on Wooz? Or maybe you are comfortable but just want more? Treasure Thursday is the solution for you!

Treasure Thursday is a new contest that will start every Thursday. Beginning today, you will get a Quest between 11AM WT and 12PM WT (if you are connected during these times, you will need to reload to receive it) which will ask you to answer a question. You just have to make sure to answer it by Friday at 11:59AM WT.

Out of all the correct responses, we will choose one Woozen at random to win the grand prize of 8,000 Wooz. We will then choose 10 runners-up who each get their hands on 2,000 Wooz. The winners will be announced in a blog post before 5PM WT on Fridays.

What are you waiting for, Woozens? Get answering!

Your Woozband