Get Rich or Clobber Tryin'

Bravest Woozens,

We know you've been (team)working super hard to defeat these goblins... But these Goblin Kings just won't let up! Especially after Mrs. Nilbog went and made them more powerful.

We know defeating Goblin Kings isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, so, this weekend, we wanted to give an extra reward to the Woozens who are going above and beyond to keep Woozworld safe.

And that reward? 3,000 Wooz.

Yes, the Woozens who defeat the most Goblin Kings over the weekend will be rewarded with 3,000 Wooz!

This new contest will start at 3PM WT today (October 25) and go until 9AM WT on Monday (October 28.)

To help you out along the way, Energy will also be 50% off all weekend long! There's nothing holding you back from defeating those Goblin Kings now!

It's time to grab your bravest, goblin clobberin' friends and head to a Unitz near you! You never know when a Goblin King will pop up...