Get Ready for Junk Food Week!

Laden with sugar and fat and full of empty calories, junk food is THE most popular food in the world. There is even a National Junk Food Day, celebrated on July 21!

We're going extra hard with the junk food celebrations this week since we'll also be celebrating Ice Cream Day a little late! Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July, which was on July 15 this year. With junk food and ice cream floating around Woozworld, what's not to like? You'll find some DELICIOUS quests in your Quest Journal and have chances to win some YUMMY prizes! It's time, Woozens... Time to TREAT YOURSELVES!

Keep your eyes peeled! Junk food will appearing all over Woozworld... Get to it before JayWooz does! We all know he's always on the look-out for nomz...

Your Ever-Hungry Woozband