Get Crackin' with Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate-loving Woozens,

Good news!

With Easter just around the corner, you know we had to celebrate with something sweet!

Soon, you'll be seeing giant chocolate eggs appearing alllll over Woozworld.

While they look super tasty on the outside, the real prize is inside!

To get to that prize inside, though, you'll need something special: the Easter Mallet.

A few quick smashes to an egg will get you an AWESOME prize! We're talkin' items from the 2021 Easter GrabZ and, if you're extra lucky, even some EXCLUSIVES!

You can find the Easter Mallet in the Egg Cracking category of ShopZ reallllll sooooon. Remember, you'll need it to get the sweet prize inside the egg!

Check your Quest Journal soon to get crackin'!

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