Get Clover!

Gamer Woozens,

The 8ug Crisis is finally gone! Thanks to all the Woozen who gave their best to squash lots and lots of kinda-cute 8ug.

But this is not the end of this adventure! Clover has finally shown up, and he is daring all of you to try to catch him! Do you think you are up for the challenge? Use your Quest Journal to meet with Sowilo and give your best to Get Clover!

You might see some glitching Woozens walking around due to Clover's effect on Woozworld, and this is why we need your help! If all Woozens work as a team we can capture Clover and be free of his glitches and 8ugs! All the Woozens who help in the community challenge will win a Title and a Chat Bubble!

We'll also have a Leaderboard to see who can get more Clovers each day! The top 20 get a Title, 30 Golden Tickets, and 10,000 Beex. And the first place will get a Title, 100 Golden Tickets 100,000 Beex, and 5000 Wooz!

Get your gamer style on and Get Clover!

Woozworld Staff