Furniture Design Contest: Hotel Lobby

Furniture-loving Woozens,

It's time for another one of your faaaavorite contests.....A Furniture Design Contest!!!

You blew us AWAY with your fall outfits, and now, it's time to get extraaaa crafty by creating your own FURNITURE LINE!

Pack your bags and spend the night at Hotel Woozworld! That's right, you're going to be designing the furniture for Woozworld's newest hotel! We're talking hotel lobby and terrace know, the hangout spot for any awesome hotel!

Of course, you don't have to draw out the entire furniture line; you can create a pattern you'd like to see, a piece of furniture in the style you like or even your own furniture mood board. As always, you can take inspiration from anywhere, but make sure your design is 100% unique and your own!

As usual, it's not just about how great the drawing is; your idea/concept is just as important. When you submit your entry, please explain your furniture idea in great detail with the image. We want to know EVERYTHING. Be as detailed as possible. If your design can impress with words, we can run with it!

Just like with our Outfit Design Contests, there are rules you have to follow:


Draw your design by hand or use a computer program

Sign your design with your Woozen name

Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct with your design


Submit someone else's work. The design must be your own, signed creation. If we find out you did not create the work you submitted, you risk getting a sanction.

Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs

You'll be able to submit your furniture design via the Contests category of the Navigator or, if you're 13 and up, on Instagram using the hashtag #WzwFurni2021. Be sure to include your Woozworld username along with your submission!

You must submit your design by Wednesday, October 27 at 9 AM WT

We cannot WAIT to see what you come up with!

Happy designing!

You can always reference the furniture grid template below as well: