For Love or Wooz: The Drama pt 2

Darling Woozens,

Things at For Love or Wooz have not cooled down at all. Au contraire, my hunnies, this tea is still piping H O T. Let's get into it, shall we?

Word on the alley is that Jacqueline and Sadie cannot staaaand each other. And they're not making it easy for the others, either. Jacqueline can't stand Sadie's constant coffee-induced chatter. "Let's just say, I miss the days when she was 'shy,'" confesses Jacqueline. Sadie, on the other hand, hates Jacqueline's dark sense of humor and finds her callous. "She can just be so rude!" says Sadie of her enemy. The feud has created a real divide in the For Love or Wooz palace with Victoria and Ella siding with Jacqueline and Krisha and Ambrosia siding with Sadie. There's no telling HOW this will end, so stay tuned!

It has become increasingly obvious that little-miss-nice-girl, Ella, has a secret. She's been caught in several lies by other contestants and no one trusts her anymore. It seems like she's hiding something about her past. But what could it be? "No comment," was the only answer I could get out of her. And we thought Victoria was the secretive one. Hm.

And, of course, everyone is still very creeped out by Ambrosia. "It's the coffin for me," says one contestant. Another has voiced some disdain over the fact that she can't cook with garlic without getting a menacing glare from Ambrosia. "My food has been SO bland. I can't stand it!" she complains. Ambrosia might be queen of the night, but it sounds like she's ruining some peoples' days!

And that's that on that. For now ;)

Ta-ta! xo

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