For Love or Wooz: The Drama pt 1

Darling Woozens,

If you thought this competition was going to be all rainbows and sunshine and friendships being forged... You. Thought. WRONG.

Firstly, in a surprise to exactly no one, introverted Victoria is HATING being around the other contestants all the time. "I feel like I have ZERO alone time," she admitted in a confessional, "There is no such thing as personal space in this place. It's driving me nuts!" The other contestants have noticed her iciness, too, and have taken offense to it. "It's like she hates all of us," says one contestant, who wishes to remain anonymous. "She's just so unfriendly. She's not even making an effort to be nice." Only time will tell if this freezing cold contestant will ever warm up to her surroundings!

Unexpectedly, brainy Krisha has also been causing a bit of friction among the contestants. She's recently come to the realization that she is over this whole thing. "I'm just so above it all," she confesses, "I mean, the prince is cute and all, but, to be honest, he's pretty boring. And pitting all these women against each other to win his love? Talk about sexist." This has left the other contestants feeling a bit alienated. "It really just seems like she thinks she's better than us," confides another contestant, "Like she's too good for Prince Luke and too good for this whole competition." While I can't fault Krisha for knowing her worth and speaking her mind, a little kindness to her fellow contestants would certainly go a long way.

In another surprise that no one saw coming (it's called sarcasm, hunnies) all the contestants are very creeped out by Ambrosia. She's immortal, drinks blood and sleeps in a coffin, so I can't say I blame them. "I didn't know what to expect coming here," sighs Ambrosia, "Everyone was cool with it at first, but everyday they seem to be more and more distant. At least Prince Luke is nice." The other contestants are constantly on edge around her. "You know, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't sleep all day because then we wouldn't have to be tip-toeing around all the time," complains one contestant, "But then I guess we'd have to actually hang out more. No thanks." Hopefully the other contestants will gain some empathy and open their minds to having new and different friends sooner rather than later.

And that's all the tea I have for you today! Who do YOU think will be leaving the competition first?

Come back soon to find out more juicy, behind-the-scenes drama!

Ta-ta! xo

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