For Love or Wooz: The Contestants pt 2

Darling Woozens,

Guess who?!

It's ya girl, Fairy Godmother! And I'm here to tell you all about more of our For Love or Wooz contestants.

Meet Ambrosia!

Dream date: A romantic, candlelit dinner with a gorgeous nighttime view

Ambrosia, who I'm told you might already know, is from Cortoza and is a princess herself. She recently had a major glow-up and decided to put herself out there and applied to For Love or Wooz! Though she has a tough exterior, Ambrosia is a very loving and genuine person who looks for beauty in everything. Having spent much of her (very long) life sheltered away in her palace, she is very happy to be out, doing her own things and meeting new people!

This is Krisha!

Dream date: Grabbing a yummy smoothie and then playing every game at the arcade

As smart as she is competitive, Krisha is the resident gamer at For Love or Wooz. A scientist, this determined yet playful gal loves doing charity work, practicing yoga and, of course, gaming in her spare time. She's a very busy person, so she thought trying For Love or Wooz might be a great way to meet someone special. "It's nice to get out of the lab for once and meet some great people!" she says of the experience so far.

And finally, meet Sadie!

Dream date: Drinking iced coffee watching all the cute pups play at the local dog park

A self-described "weirdo," Sadie loves fashion, animals and all things coffee. She usually hates all forms of exercise, but has been enjoying exploring the castle grounds. She's a bit shy at first, but very talkative and funny once she gets comfortable. Sadie decided to join For Love or Wooz when one of her friends dared her (she never backs down from a dare!) Of her time here, she says, "So far, so good."

And there you have them; the rest of our gorgeous For Love or Wooz contestants!

Who do you think will sweep Prince Luke off his royal feet? Has your frontrunner changed?

Check back soon for some piping hot D R A M A tea from me, your favorite Fairy Godmother.

Ta-ta! xo

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