For Love or Wooz: The Contestants pt 1

Darling Woozens,

It's me again; your favorite Fairy Godmother is back and this time, I'm introducing some of our scrumptious For Love or Wooz contestants. Get to know them below!

First up, meet Jacqueline!

Dream date: Catching a live show and then talking about it over a late-night coffee

Described by her friends as edgy and witty with a dark sense of humor, Jacqueline loves listening to 80s punk music, sitting in the shade on a sunny afternoon and tarot card reading. Her favorite color is black, but that doesn't mean she's not a colorful character! Her loud laugh is contagious and she makes everyone around her feel comfortable. She applied to For Love or Wooz after her tarot card reading indicated she might meet someone special if she took a big leap. So here she is!

Next, meet Ella!

Dream date: Having a picnic on top of a mountain you just hiked

Friendly and bubbly, Ella is a social butterfly who makes friends wherever she goes. She loves nature, whether she's admiring it from the peak of a mountain she just hiked or hanging with friends at her local park. She always looks for the magic in everyday life and considers herself to be an optimist. She decided to take a chance here at For Love or Wooz after her friends nominated her. Says one of her friends, "Ella is such a special person and she deserves someone special in her life, too!"

And, finally, this is Victoria!

Dream date: A murder mystery dinner that'll keep you guessing

The quietest and most mysterious of the contestants is Victoria. An introvert, she enjoys reading, writing and going for long runs (by herself, of course.) Though she seems a bit cold at first, once you get to know Victoria, she's warm, funny and talkative. We asked her what made her decide to apply to For Love of Wooz, but she's keeping that to herself (she's a Scorpio, in case you were wondering.)

And that's our first three contestants! Who's your front-runner?

Don't forget, darlings, I'll be back with more contestant tea soon!

Ta-ta! xo

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