For Love or Wooz: Finalist Drama pt. 1

Darling Woozens,

Your favorite Fairy Godmother is back with more tea. And this time? Darlings, it is S C A L D I N G.

First of all, in an UNPRECEDENTED move, Prince Luke has ELIMINATED all but two contestants! That's right. Victoria, Sadie, Jacqueline and Krisha are all GONE. Only Ella and Ambrosia are left and, trust me darlings, they were just as surprised as the rest of us.

While Krisha and Victoria were relieved to be leaving For Love or Wooz, Sadie and Jacqueline were visibly upset upon their departure. "I don't want to talk about it," said Jacqueline, her hand blocking her face. Sadie wore dark shades and didn't say a word as she left.

Now that it's only Ella and Ambrosia left in the competition, we are learning A LOT. Get ready for the tea, sweeties.

Fiiiiirst of all, Ella really has been keeping a secret. A big one. A ROYALLY big one! Ella is actually a PRINCESS herself! Let that sink in. Both remaining contestants are princesses! As you know, Ambrosia is the princess of Cortoza and Ella? Well, Ella is a princess in... Mystic Alley! :O Turns out PRINCESS Ella doesn't appreciate the royal life and has been distancing herself from the throne for awhile now.

You might be thinking, "If Ella's trying to distance herself from the throne, WHY would she go on a dating show to marry a PRINCE???" And I think I might know why...

Ella, Ambrosia and Luke all KNOW each other! I'm told they have for years. Their parents all go way back because, you know, royals gotta royal. Apparently these three were even friends once upon a time... Until they weren't.

See, according to my sources, it goes like this:

Ella and Ambrosia were BFFs and were also great friends with Luke.

Romance began to blossom between Ella and Luke, which Ambrosia hated because she just knew it would break up their friendship.

When she tried to talk to Ella about it, Ella suggested Ambrosia might be a little jealous.

This left Ambrosia ANGRY (she's an Aries, in case you were wondering.) She vowed to end their relationship herself before further harm could be done.

Ambrosia's plan was simple: she would tag along with them everywhere, leaving them little to no alone time and forcing them to realize they were better off as a trio and not a duo +1.

As I'm sure you've guessed, Ambrosia's plan backfired.

Luke started to get feelings for Ambrosia and Ambrosia was flattered. She hated to admit that she liked the attention.

Soon, Luke was spending more and more time with Ambrosia, leaving Ella feeling rejected and, you guessed it, angry.

Ella decided to cut her backstabbing FORMER friends out of her life for good. And she did.

Ambrosia and Luke stayed together for a little while afterwards, but her heart just wasn't in it after losing her BFF so she broke it off and never spoke to him again.

And here we are. Whew!

You know, darlings, this is a long one. Why don't we take a break here? You go get yourself a snack and a nice cup of tea and I'll be back here soon with more (present-day) D R A M A.

Ta-ta! Xo

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