For Love or Wooz: Finalist Drama #2

Darling Woozens,

I'm back just like I said I would be! All that drama left my head spinning and ya girl needed a break. But let's dive back into the gossip now, shall we?

Before you start reading here, make sure you're caught up on Ella, Ambrosia and Luke's wild backstory here.

When we left off, I had just told you ALL about Ella, Ambrosia and Luke's sordid past, but I hadn't gotten to their present. And believe me, darlings, there's still plenty of drama between these three.

If you were thinking that maybe time had softened the hearts of Ella and Ambrosia, you're absolutely... Wrong.

These two still can't stand each other and have even been going out of their ways to make life miserable for one another. Remember, Ella and Ambrosia used to be BFFs, so they know all of one another's weaknesses and are using them to their advantage.

For instance...

Knowing that Ambrosia is nocturnal and can only see Luke at nighttime, Ella has been planning day-long dates including hiking, running and playing sports. By the time his dates with Ambrosia roll around, Luke is absolutely exhausted and often ends up calling it an early night.

On the rare occasion when Luke isn't exhausted for his date with Ambrosia, she makes sure they stay up all night, visiting her favourite places on the castle grounds and even watch the sunrise together (well, part of it, anyway.) The next day, Luke is too tired to enjoy his date with Ella at all.

We know that these two ladies can really push each other's buttons... But how did they fair with the other (former) contestants?

"I know Ambrosia is, like, allergic to sunlight," says one disgruntled former contestant, "But she's not allergic to doing laundry! She would leave her half-folded clothes all over the place. Sweetie, just because you don't see your mess in the daylight doesn't mean we didn't."

"Ella doesn't like pizza. Who doesn't like pizza?! I don't trust someone who doesn't like pizza. There's just something off about that girl," confides another former contestant.

"Okay, yeah, it's weird she's a vampire and everything but the weirdest part," whispers a nervous former contestant, "The weirdest part about her is the hot sauce. She has like 20 different kinds and even carries some in her purse. She literally puts it on everything. I saw her eat it with a spoon. Ugh!"

"I wasn't surprised to find out that Ella was a princess," confesses another former contestant, "The way she left her dirty dishes laying around it was pretty clear to me that she is used to having her messes cleaned up by someone else!"

As you can see, neither finalist is without their flaws. But... As we know, there will be only one judge of these flaws: Prince Luke.

Who do you think he'll choose?

Check back in soon to find out about the THRILLING finale of For Love or Wooz!

Ta-ta! xo

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