February Activities

Lovey-dovey Woozens,

After a relaxing January, we don't want the monotony anymore! Where is all the intrigue, gossips, drama and parties?! Well, here they are...

We'll start this month with love in the air! Get ready to show your crush all the romance and style Woozworld has to offer.

We will have flamboyant contests! There are many events worth celebrating, starting with Groundhog Day ! Do you think we'll have an early spring?

Let's not forget about the Super Bowl LVII! Which team will win? The Chiefs or the Eagles?

But let's not forget about what February is all about... Carnival! Lots of new furniture, new outfits and contest are coming your way on the second part of this month, but the real Woozworld Carnival will begin on February 17th, so be ready to party!

Welcome to February full of love and festivities!

Woozworld Staff

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