Fashion Show

Hello Woozens,

My friend Zon'arr won't stop talking about the Zyxalarian Ball, which has led me to realize something.

He frequently mentions how each party on Zyxalar is like a fashion show, and how the flowers in the Zyxalar Forest twinkle like stars.

A bit poetic to me, but it's making me think that he misses his home.

Maybe we should show him we know how to throw a fashion show!

Not that this is an intergalactic competition ;)

So we are going to have two special contests coming out TODAY!

Both have a reward and will be giving indications to be Prom Nominees.

The first one is a Selfie Contest in Groups for you and your friends to act as a supermodel agency and make a show! You can click HERE to post your submission.

The second one is a UnitZ Contest to create your runway, where a special show is going to happen. You can click HERE to post your submission.

Let's show Zon'arr that all the Woozens are fashionable and ready to party!

Please remember to follow Woozworld's code of conduct. If a Woozen has not logged in recently, please do not mention them as a member of the team. Doing so will result in disqualification for the entire team.

Remember to treat each other with kindness, fairness, and don't forget to enjoy yourselves!