EXPOSED! Who started the rumors in WoozDale High?

Detective Woozens,

We appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to investigating and discussing this career-defining case with your fellow detectives. It appears your hard work has paid off!

The investigation into the canceled Camp Trip was called off by Principal Philbert after much deliberation and review of clues, many of which were provided by our detective Woozens.

It was discovered that there was too much confusion and no clear answer, resulting in the trip remaining canceled.

But then...

Something incredible happened...

Thanks to your cooperation, we have received a voluntary confession.

By visiting each clique, making friends, and helping those in need, you had an unexpected impact on the culprit. They decided to step forward and try to save the camp trip.

Colin Mathews confessed in the School Journal that he spread rumors out of fear of attending Camp Trip alone and not being part of any group.

Initially upset, Colin was eventually found by Principal Philbert and had a private conversation in his office.

Amidst everyone trying to listen in through the door, we discovered that Colin won't be facing expulsion. Instead, he'll be lending a hand to each of the Clique groups with their tasks.

This could be an opportunity for him to forge new friendships, don't you think?

The senior class of Woozdale High is heading to Woozlympus camp, as the Camp Trip is officially back on!

But that's not all...

As a token of gratitude for the Woozen's assistance during the investigation, Principal Philbert will be sending out invitations for a field trip to the safest and most enchanting camp in Woozworld.

It promises to be a delightful experience, but let's hope everything goes smoothly.

So get ready for a super-safe and not-at-all-scary adventure, coming soon, at Camp Woozlympus!

Woozworld Staff

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