Enjoy the Resort in Style - RESULT

Good day, Woozens!

Greetings from your buddy, Walter Wattlesworth.

The proud manager of the Royal Woozalia Resort, and I've got some exciting news about one of our contests.

Our resort is all about fun and relaxation, and this month, we're celebrating those who had the most fun...

Let's start with the runner-ups!

kimhun, maddisonhatter19, Xxmariahcareyxx, kamko, and Gamer216

-Alyza, Chun-Li, Mileen, SuperModei, and x3-Fashion-x3

rosalindmay, -mayfair, DoinTime, gumgum-, and Morganah

toxins, zamp, Junt, engrail, and cynics

kamko, CHEEZE-IT, roki3, x-xmyLoVelsUxx-, and ronzy

 svgarpill, dreamIike, constellati0ns, sammyangelsweet, and defundthepolice

Silveria, -Mako, Auxiliaries, -TigerLee-, and nermeen04

mtsu, raiza, Gifts, wckimcki, and oohthatsangiexo

And now, here are our top 3 winners of the contest!

cursedweb, Bumpkin, Sasayuri, Akutagawa, and Shinazugawa!

HaIia, Helio, nakama, simpiicity, and Denarys!

YZY, JailenSlays, Mandalina, Dinzie, and LefterisGreek!

So, did you enjoy the resort as much as our winners and runner-ups did?

I hope so because that would make me happy!