Selfie group contest: Waka waka in the air!

Hello Woozens !

It's been all over the social media and now it's officially on Woozworld. The Hollywooz Star Kirasha and the famous soccer player Quiché are no longer together.

To make matters worse, the cause of the separation has been disclosed to the whole world.. Quiché cheated on her. And It was Kirasha who discovered it. She came back from a tour and noticed that her ice cream was missing. Strange, because Quiché is lactose intolerant.

So here's what we have for you, a selfie contest, in duet! We're expecting to see two woozens!

The theme ? Easy ! I'm leaving you, you broke my heart!

You'll need to create a breakup scene, we want tears, make it look big as Hollywooz! Use your acting skills, just like the picture below.

*Obviously all couples of any gender are accepted.*

If your duet is choosen you will both receive: a set of 3 complete outfits (with faces!) of stars in the middle of a divorce, a Unitz (of stars in the middle of a divorce), 3 poseZs (of stars in the middle of a divorce), Spellz (of stars in the middle of a divorce) and a Uniks!

5 duets who respected the theme and the rules will be randomly choose. As usually, you'll need to respect the code of conduct! Only one photo per pair, if you send 2 times the same photo, disqualification automatically. You have until Sunday, January 29, 2023 11:59 PM WT to submit your photo by clicking here or directly in the game from the contest section of the browser (Unitz Woozworld).

Don't forget to write the name of ALL participating Woozens! Otherwise, no reward!

Can't wait to see your splitting up!