Employee of the Month

Greetings, Woozens!

I am Walter Wattlesworth, proudly managing the Royal Woozalia Resort.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the fantastic work we've been doing to keep our wonderful resort running smoothly. And it's all thanks to you! I don't have an exact count of the wet towels collected this month, but I'm sure it's quite a lot. Who keeps track of that stuff anyway?

It's time for you to prove yourself and earn the coveted title of "Employee of the Month" at our amazing resort.

To participate, please send us a close-up photo of yourself wearing the Resort uniform (a dazzling smile will earn you bonus points!) and tell us why you're the perfect candidate for this title.

The top 5 will get a sweet reward of 3000 Wooz, a shiny new title, and their picture turned into a poster!

But, you know the drill – check out the rules like the outstanding employees you are.


-Your selfie must be taken using the uniform of the Royal Woozalia Resort. (Yes, you can change the color of the uniform)

-You can use any PoseZ and any Woozalia Unitz. (That includes the 6 Unitz that won the contest)

-This contest is individual. No other Woozens in your picture.

-Please ensure your picture adheres to the theme and complies with the Woozworld code of conduct.

-Your submission must be done and sent by March 5, at 3 p.m. W.T.

Click here to submit!