Embark on an Epic Treasure Hunt!

Calling all Woozens bounty hunters,

Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test once again?

It's time to become a legendary treasure hunter and unlock incredible rewards!

You honed these skills during the thrilling event at Woozdale High School, and now you just need a keen eye and a sharp mind. Let's get started!

We have hidden valuable treasures all around Woozworld, and it's your mission to find them.

But beware, it won't be easy! Keep an eye on our publications both in and outside the game for cryptic clues and tantalizing images of places that might jog your memory.

Hurry! These treasure chests are only up for grabs from Friday to Monday. To succeed in this mission, you'll need quick thinking and wit.

And if you're able to collect all the chests this month, you'll earn a unique title that will make you a legend in Woozworld.

Pay attention to every detail that changes in Woozworld and stay updated. You'll amass a treasure trove beyond your wildest dreams!

Are you prepared to acquire legendary status in Woozworld?

Woozworld Staff