Easter Gift With VIP

In celebration of Easter this weekend, we are giving YOU the chance to get your hands on an exclusive deadbunn1 Head!

From today (Friday, March 30) to Monday (April 2nd), Woozens that subscribe to VIP (or add more days to your current VIP) from ShopZ or Store will receive the deadbunn1 Head on Thursday, April 5th. You get 1 exclusive deadbunn1 Head for each month you subscribe. We will be limiting the gift to a maximum of 10 deadbunn1 Heads per Woozen.

If you don't see any VIP packs in Store or ShopZ, that means you have a recurring VIP subscription and you will receive a deadbunn1 head on Thursday April 5th :)

Will you hop away with an Easter gift?

Your deadbunn1 Woozband