Donut Day Is Coming

Sweetest Woozens,

Are you ready to celebrate Donut Day? We know what you're thinking... Donut Day? What is that? Well, donut worry (lololol), we have the scoop on this sweet celebration!

National Donut Day is a celebration of all things DONUTS! It's celebrated the first Friday of June each year. This year, that's June 1st! To join in on the fun, we will have some delicious activities throughout the week. You might even see some new Gourmet Food and other donut-related items in the next few days!

There will be some new quests for you to sink your teeth into that will definitely get you in the mood for Donut Day! Spoiler: you miiiight even get your hands on some Donut exclusives when you finish them...

So... All that's left to ask is...

Are YOU ready to eat them all up?

Your Always Hungry Woozband