Discover new Unitz and Eventz

Hey Woozens!

We know how much you love creating awesome Unitz in Woozworld... And we know that it's not always easy to show off your design skills to other Woozens. That's why we're introducing TWO new tools to help allllll of our Woozens get the recognition they deserve!

Introducing...... Unitz Categories and Eventz!

Unitz Categories

Now there's an easy way to find the type of Unitz you're looking for! Maybe you're looking to play some games, or shop some boutiques, or maybe you're just lookin' to hang out? With the new layout of the Navigator, you can do just that! Check out the Unitz Categories section of the Navigator and browse through the different sections:

Unitz creators! If you want your Unitz to appear in these new sections, you'll need to assign a category to each of your Unitz! Simply open your Unitz settings then choose a category:


Discovering new Unitz is great, but what if you're looking to socialize?

Using the new Eventz section of the Navigator, you can see all kinds of different Eventz that are going on RIGHT NOW, or, check out some that are coming up later! Browse the Upcoming Eventz and choose an Eventz you want to attend. You can let the owner know you're interested by clicking on the Subscribe button. Once you subscribe to an Eventz, you'll receive a reminder to let you know it's starting to make sure you don't miss any of the action!

You'll find the list of allllllll the upcoming Eventz you've subscribed to in My Subscribed Eventz (Under the Eventz section of the Navigator).

Want to host your own Eventz? No prob! Make your way to the Eventz section of the Navigator and find My Hosted Eventz. From there, you can click on Create Eventz and choose a date, place, and time for your Eventz! You can schedule your Eventz 30 days in advance, so make sure you plan ahead, you'll need some time to spread the word about the Eventz of the season!

You'll also need to be at least level 15 to host your own Eventz.

Wondering how many Eventz you can host? Look no further, we've got the answer for you!

VIPs will have access to schedule 20 Eventz at once, while non-VIPs will be able to schedule 5 Eventz at once.

Of course, this is what is in place for the early access, nothing is set in stone, so there may be some changes in a future update.

Happy hosting, Woozens!

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