Dino Crossing Needs Park Rangers!

Hiya Woozens!

Ranger Tom here, Isabelle's assistant and Head Park Ranger over at Dino Crossing. Let me tell ya, things sure have been picking up around here! We're busier than ever. So busy, in fact, that Isabelle's wanting to hire some more Park Rangers!

Which brings me to my next point...

Isabelle mentioned that some of you fine folks might be interested in the job. So, that's exactly what I'm here to talk about: the duties and responsibilities of a Dino Crossing Park Ranger.

  • First and foremost, Park Rangers must be extremely trustworthy. A lot of the work we do here is top secret and, if it were to get into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen.
  • Park Rangers must be very responsible. We can't have some yahoo running around treating Dino Crossing like their own personal amusement park! There are live dinosaurs here! If a Ranger were to drop their responsibilities for even a minute, all heck could break loose.
  • Park Rangers must be authoritative. Once Dino Crossing opens to the general public, Rangers will be the ones keeping our visitors safe and sometimes that means having to lay down the law.
  • And perhaps the most important of all Park Ranger criteria is knowing everything there is to know about our dinosaurs. Rangers are the ones who tend to them, after all. You'll be expected to be able to identify our dinosaurs by sight, which isn't always easy for the untrained. That's why we've created the Park Ranger Entrance Exam, which you'll need to pass to become a Park Ranger. Check your Quest Journal to find out when and where you can take the exam!

While it's a lot of work, being a Dino Crossing Park Ranger is also fun, exciting and rewarding. I hope to be working with you soon!

All the best-

Ranger Tom