Design Mya's Prom Outfit

Fashion Woozens,

Are you ready to design an outfit for Woozworld's biggest celebrity? Our queen is back and Mya is looking for Woozworld's next fashion designer to draw up a one-of-a-kind look for Prom 2024. But, not just one design - 2.

Her prom date will also need a matching look. Now, before rumors FLY - don't get confused - Mya is going to prom solo - but, we need a matching date for a prom look.

This will be the biggest contest we've ever done - ONLY 2 outfits across the 4 Woozworld communities will be created, meaning it's a global Woozworld competition. Details of the contest are below.

The template can be found here

- You MUST use the template in the Blog

- You can send your submissions HERE and you have until June 16 to submit BOTH outfits (in one image)

- To prevent plagiarism, we ask you not to post your designs on social media until June 17

- One submission per Woozen

- Finalists will be announced the week of Prom and the winner announced at Prom

The finalists will have their own title, as will the winner!

This contest will be judged by Mya herself and judge the entries on Wondrous, Oppulence, Originality, and Zest. Remember, Mya likes to be fashion forward, sleek and to stand out.

Woozworld Staff