Design Contest: Tattoos

You've been asking for a new design contest and we have the perfect one for spring; a tattoo design contest!

Just like design contests in the past, you now have the chance to have one of your designs brought to Woozworld life by our talented team of artists.


  • You MUST use the template provided below. Submissions that do not use the template will not eligible.
  • Your design must not touch the grey/shaded areas on the template. We're trying to avoid eyeball tattoos, here, people!
  • Your design must be an original creation by YOU! You can get inspiration from anywhere, but make sure that the design you submit is 100% your own creation.
  • Your design must, as always, respect Woozworld's Code of Conduct.

To enter the contest, you simply have to:

1) draw (either by hand or digitally) your design on the template provided

2) submit your design in the Podz at Central Plaza OR (if you're 13 or older) on Instagram* using the hashtag #WzwSpringTattoo

*if submitting on Instagram, be sure to tag @woozworld in your image and provide your Woozworld username, either in the image or in your caption

You must submit your design by Friday, March 22 at 5PM WT. The winning designs will be released in April.

So, that's about it! It's time to start designing :) Have fun and be creative!