Defeating Mrs. Nilbog's Goblins

Well, Woozens.

We got duped.

As you probably know by now, sweet, old Mrs. Nilbog was a complete and total FRAUD. She's not sweet or old (anymore) or even a librarian! She's some kind of crazed goblin mother. And she's unleashing her creepy goblin children upon Woozworld! Like we needed one more thing to worry about...

Luckily, we've figured out a way to get rid of the unsightly beasts, though! It involves PoseZ and teamwork and YOU. When you stumble upon one of these ghoulish goblins, click on it to find out what exactly needs to be done. But before that... Let's introduce you to Woozworld's latest foe: the Goblins.

Gobelinus Avadakedavros

This is the wizard goblin. Beware of this one. He's always got a few tricks up his sleeve! Use a combo of the Wizard Spell, Wizard Spell and the Wizard Wand PoseZ to get past him.

Gobelinus Pirathium

The pirate goblin is always looking to pillage and plunder! This guy won't go down without a fight, so make sure you stay on your toes with him. You'll be able to defeat him with a combo of the Pirate Sword, Pirate Harp and Pirate Clock PoseZ.

Gobelinus Immortuos

Ah, the undead goblin. That's right; this guy's a zombie. Make sure you get a headshot! You can do so with a combo of the Zombie Shovel, Zombie Potion and Zombie Torch PoseZ.

Gobelinus Nefarius

Guard your valuables around the thief goblin! He's got sticky fingers... But he won't be sticking around for long once you show up! Lock him up for good using a combo of the Thief Handcuffs, Thief Flashlight and Thief Dagger PoseZ.

Gobelinus Sanguis

Ahhh, the vampire goblin. He loves blood and hates garlic. Guess what you'll use to defeat him ;) Use a combo of the Vampire Light Burst, Vampire Stake and, of course, the Vampire Garlic PoseZ to keep him in his coffin for good.

Gobelinus Reximus

This is the goblin king, Mrs. Nilbog's eldest goblin child and by far the most powerful. He's gonna be preeeetty hard to take down, so be patient, but be precise. If you use a combo of the King Turtle Shell, King Star Power and King Bomb PoseZ, you shouldn't have a problem!

And with that, you should be prepared for any goblin Mrs. Nilbog throws your way! Defeating the goblin mother herself? Well... That'll be another story.

Good luck out there, brave Woozens!

Yours weirdly,