December Activities

Happy December, Woozens!

Let's first take a moment to look back. To reminisce on all the great things that happened in Woozworld this year.

Woozens finally got to sit and rest their feet! They explored the sea's mysterious depths, tamed mighty dragons, and even had a Woozens & Wizards adventure! ...Which is still not over! (Miss Miraje, Session Five, when?).

We understand that some of you must be wondering what 2023 will bring, but let's not rush through this final month. There is still plenty to look forward to!

And without further ado, here are some of the things coming your way this December!

This year, we'll celebrate Woozmas in New York with style, and of course, presents! From mid-December until next year, every day you log into Woozworld, you'll be greeted with a Woozmas Gift! Make sure to come back and claim your prize!

And of course, we could never finish the year without our Woozworld's Next Superstar 2022! Get ready to make some noise and show off what you're made of!

This year, it's all about Woozmas, so get your jingle bells ringing and get ready for many different contests! But be warned; this time? creativity won't be enough. You will have to work together to defeat the competition. And beware, she is quite the veteran when it comes to Woozmas music

We'll also have a new (or would it be a comeback, perhaps?) feature coming, so get on the hype train!

Happy Woozmas!

Woozworld Staff

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