Crowning this year's Prom Royalties!

Prom-Lovin' Woozens,

The event of the year is here!

We know you're ALL on the edge of your seats waiting for the deets on how to win a gorgeous crown this Prom season!

This year, as you know, we are going FULL dragon for Prom! We're talking wings, scales and fire!

As always, we'll have some Prom competitions (prompetitions, anyone? Yes? No? Sorry) but this year things will be a weeee bit different.

This year, you will be fighting for Dragon House Ruler! Yes, each Dragon House will have its own Ruler...But not just one Ruler. This year, we'll have 20 Dragon House Rulers!! These titles are all completely equal, just like when we've had prom kings, queens and crowns in the past.

But how can YOU become a Dragon House Ruler?

Participation is key here, people! In order to become an official Prom 2k22 nominee (or should we say Prominee?), you must FIRST join a Dragon House! Do you wanna represent the Vulcan Soar, Forest Fyre, or Frost Flame Dragon House? The choice is yours!

Once you choose a Dragon House to represent, you will be given a gorrrrrrrgeous Dragon House Ruler Sword! Then, starting today, until Saturday, June 25, you will be able to flaunt your fab, fierce, fiery style in YOUR Dragon House Ruler's Selfie Contest. You MUST be wearing your Dragon House Ruler Sword to participate. This sword is your ticket to entering as a Prominee, so make sure you join a Dragon House today!

After you submit your entry to the Selfie Contest, you'll then be able to VOTE for the Ruler of EACH Dragon House! The voting will begin on Saturday, June 25 and go until Wednesday, June 29! Rest assured that we know Prom is a HUGE deal, and we will not allow there to be any cheating for the vote. If we find out you cheated, or helped another Woozen cheat, you run the risk of a serious sanction.

The winners will be revealed at Prom (June 30 at 4 PM) in the brand new Prom 2k22 Unitz!

Ooooh la la! What's the prize for becoming a Dragon House Ruler?

Not only will you get an EXCLUSIVE title and two EXCLUSIVE hairs with crowns, but you'll also walk away with some Wooz and Beex!

Think you have what it takes to become Prom Royalty 2k22?!

Login today and join your Dragon House!

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