Crafting With Pearls

Crafty Woozens,

As you know, Walter has been discovering the Deep Sea world with Queen Kai. Along the way, he spotted some potential resources: Clams and Pearls. "Walter, you ole chap!" he shouted. When he brought the resources to Kai, she provided him with a list of recipes for PearlZ Furniture and some rare wings. "Blimey"!

To start finding your own Clams and Pearls, you will need to head to Mollusk Beach. There, you will find some washed-up pieces of Plastic and maybe even some Clams. Collecting Clams will give you the Clam Shell resource...This will give you a 10% chance of finding a Pearl. The more you explore underwater, the more Clams you'll be able to find!

In your underwater adventure, you may also run into Queen Kai. From what we heard, she is in need of some daily help and can offer you 1 Pearl resource in exchange for your kindness.

Begin your crafting journey by opening up the Pearl Crafting Table from the Navigator, WoozNewZ, Pearl Button, OR click right here!

What beautiful PearlZ Furniture will you create?

Woozworld Staff

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