Colony VI is Recruiting

Greetings, Woozens!

Hi there! I go by Luna-chan, but my official title is Lieutenant Luna Aurora. I'm the pilot and navigator of Colony VI, as well as the founder and main member of NationZ social club - which is my favorite title!

Captain Gravity has appointed me to oversee the recruitment process for this year. If you're keen on becoming a lifetime member of Colony VI or wish to nominate a Woozen, it's a straightforward process!

Please submit a photo of yourself in the Colony VI uniform following the designated colors. Instructions will be provided.

To participate, wear either Omega-2D2 or Delta-2D2 top with matching pants or a skirt. Complete the outfit with Zenith Colony VI boots. All pieces should be color-coordinated.

Just as I and my friend Rookie Crumbler are using in the selfie below:

We'd also like to know a bit more about our recruit, of course!

Please provide us with a brief introduction about yourself, your preferred Colony VI UnitZ, and three short phrases that best describe your character.

The chosen Woozens will be transformed into non-playable characters in Colony VI, and you can interact with them at your convenience.

In addition, you will also receive a title and a prize of 5,000 Wooz!

To participate, submit your entry HERE by August 13, but pay attention to the rules.


- Your entry must comply with the Woozworld code of conduct

- The Character you create does not have to be your Woozen, use all your creativity and have fun.

- Send us a brief background, telling us who your Character is.

- The Character must be wearing the Colony VI uniform with the exact colors indicated, but the other details are entirely free.

- Let us know which of the existing UnitZ in Colony VI your character would be in.

- Tell us 3 catchphrases that fit your character.

Don't forget, the Legendary Adventure is out there!

Lieutenant Luna Aurora