Colony VI is here!

Hello, fellow space adventurers!

I'm Commander Dennis J. Gravity, leader of Colony VI and proud member of the Universal League of Adventurers of Legendary Aesthetics, or ULALA for shorts.

We have now reached the orbit of Woozworld. Please disregard the previous message as there are no issues in Colony VI.

We are all in good shape and excited to welcome all Woozens to our space station.

Our visit to Woozworld was motivated by our desire to uncover our history. Our space voyage took place over five hundred years ago, and we hoped to learn more about our departure point based on old stellar maps.

However, we quickly realized that our technology was far more advanced than anything present on your home planet.

Why get bogged down in tedious details? As explorers, we should take a break and enjoy ourselves.

Let's chat on the Colony VI Bridge and I'll regale you with stories of our exciting voyages and missions across the vast and incredible universe.

Remember, Woozens...

There is a Legendary Adventure waiting for you out there!

Commander Gravity, signing off.

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