Colony VI and the Ugly Toupee

Hail Space Adventurers!

Hello, I am First Lieutenant Teeny Leela, the second in command of Colony VI and the right-hand person to Commander Gravity.

We are unsure of the situation, but it appears to be connected to the space station lockdown.

The Commander Gravity arrived at Woozworld a few weeks ago for a first-recon mission and has since been exhibiting unusual behavior and not taking matters seriously.

Rookie Crumbler believes that the Commander's personality transformed after he returned with a toupee.

However, I find it hard to believe that a mere wig could alter someone's character to such an extent. After all, it's just hair!

Thanks to the residents of Woozworld, we were able to locate the skilled Janitor Beex. According to our people's legends, he possesses the ability to locate the issue with our ship.

Once we identify the problem, we can unlock additional UnitZ and resolve the problem affecting our Commander.

We appreciate your assistance and once this crisis subsides, we look forward to taking all Woozens on a journey to explore the galaxy and beyond. Remember, Woozens...

The Legendary Adventure is out there!

First-Lieutenant Leela, signing off

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